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Radiant Autism Center

About Us

We are most passionate about one thing: people. Believing in the greatness and radiant light in every person, our greatest desire for Radiant Autism Center is to be a place for kiddos diagnosed with ASD to thrive and families to feel supported. The journey began in early 2020, when we recognized the need for ABA therapy in North DFW. Since then, we’ve grown alongside amazing families and the best team of clinicians in the industry. Our community is supportive, fun, and uplifting. Together, we are part of something much greater than we could ever do alone! Thanks for journeying with us.

Chris and Nikki Carlson, Founders

“When we keep claiming the light, we will find ourselves becoming more and more radiant.”

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Core Values

Providing state-of-the-art ABA therapy, with a naturalistic and social approach, using our five core values: Excellence, Integrity, Alignment, Growth and Respect.


We will provide the best service in the industry. Our client’s experience will be our driving force every day.  Before we make any decision we will ask ourselves and each other, “Will this make us the best, and provide the best client service possible?”


The highest ethical standards will guide all that we do. We will always put our clients and company first.


Everything we do will be in alignment with who we are, and what we stand for. We must have inner alignment in our work, personal life and faith. We must have external alignment with our team, as no individual will ever accomplish more than a connected team.


We will push every team member to continuously grow both personally and professionally, believing there is greatness inside of every person. We will provide our team members with the best training in the industry, so they can provide our clients with the best care possible.


We will treat every team member, child, and family member like a guest in our own home. Every person is valuable to our company’s success.