Distinctive ABA Therapy


ABA Therapy is a multi-step process specifically customized to your child’s individual needs. It involves phases that focus on improving specific types of behaviors and developmental skills; such as communication, social skills, academics, every day life activities, and much more. Using a research-based approach, children in ABA Therapy will undergo consistent observation, monitoring and evaluation by our certified professionals to help reach their unique goals. The goal of each treatment plan is dependent on your child’s individual needs.  At Radiant Autism Center, we meet with every parent at least once a week to discuss the progress of your child.  We also use this time to discuss any upcoming changes to your child’s treatment plan, so we can all work together in the caring push to achieving your child’s goals.

Helping your child shine through ABA therapy

At Radiant Autism Center, we provide state of the art ABA therapy, with a naturalistic and social approach to “meet your child where they are”.  We know it takes a village to raise a child, which is why we focus so heavily on family alignment with our treatment plans.  We will work hand in hand to ensure your child’s future is bright.

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